Cowboy Dressage World South Africa (CDWSA)

Cowboy Dressage is a combination of traditional Western horsemanship and classical dressage.  The discipline focuses on the harmony and partnership between the horse and rider, and encourages horse-rider combinations that build trust and bonding through respectful communication.

It’s a discipline for riders who appreciate the best of both worlds:  Western and classical dressage.

Cowboy Dressage World South Africa (CDWSA) has grown steadily and teaches concepts like bend, straightness, balance, cadence, rhythm, and softness.  The tests are fun and challenging for every level.

Cowboy Dressage with Pavati Appaloosa Stud, SA
With Georgina Roberts, DressageDiva trying out Cowboy Dressage
Cowboy Dressage with Heartfelt Natural Horsemanship, SA
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